Introducing the BundleBox

bundlebox copy.jpg

The Mobile wifi router on steroids

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been working hard on refining a perfect offering for the eventing industry and those who require robust mobile connectivity.

The BundleBox is a rugged and robust internet connectivity solution that has 3 LTE links, a microserver, high-spec router and a high capacity access point, all managed through a clean, easy to use GUI which we’ve developed from scratch. The units can easily connect up to 100 concurrent users. There are also additional external Ethernet ports on the Box so that additional sources of internet can easily be connected, there's also additional ports to wire in other networked devices that might not have WiFi, and a PoE port to power an additional 24v Access Point. There are also RF connections so directional GSM antennas can be connected in rural environments.

The user journey to setup a WiFi network is as simple as this:

  1. Connect to BundleBox_Config WiFi network

  2. Navigate to

  3. Click Start Setup and select if you'd like to speed test each internet connection (3 x LTE-A links + additional ethernet internet sources that have been connected)

  4. While the speed tests run, you can very easily setup the WiFi network name and password that you want as well as configure any speed shaping that might be required

  5. Select which internet sources you'd like to use and if you'd like to load balance or apply any fail over on the internet connections

  6. Click apply, wait a minute, and enjoy the best internet experience possible

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